At the heart of Minneapolis, The Basilica of Saint Mary rises along the skyline and serves as a recognizable part of our downtown landscape. But it’s more than just a place to rock out for two days during The Basilica Block Party- it’s also a spiritual, cultural and community center for many.

The Basilica of Saint Mary– America’s first Basilica – has stood as a The Building of Hope for more than a century. But for decades, we took it for granted and it was nearly destroyed due to neglect. Fortunately, our community realized the value of the building in time to save it. Now, it’s up to us to turn back the hands of time and restore The Basilica to its original glory.

Your ticket to The Basilica Block Party helps support The Basilica Landmark’s mission to preserve, protect and restore this historic building all year long. We are committed to ensuring The Building of Hope continues to welcome generations to come to rock out at the Block Party. Here’s how you can support The Basilica after the bands and beer disappear:

July 10-11, 2015


The Basilica Block Party began in 1995 as a fundraiser to help pay for the structural restoration of The Basilica of Saint Mary. Today, proceeds from the event benefit The Basilica Landmark, which preserves, restores, and advances the historic Basilica of Saint Mary for all generations. In addition, a portion of all proceeds from The Basilica Block Party go to The Basilica’s St. Vincent de Paul outreach program, which provides services to those in need.

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If you have any questions, please call 612-317-3457 or email us at


and parking


Take the Hennepin/Lyndale exit (Exit 231B). Go north (right) on Lyndale/Hennepin, and north on Hennepin to N 17th Street.


Take the Lyndale Avenue exit (Exit 231A) toward Hennepin. Stay in the left lane. Turn left onto Dunwoody Blvd.


Follow the I-94 West exit (Exit 17B). Go north (right) on Lyndale/Hennepin, and north on Hennepin to N 17th Street.


Take the I-94 West exit (Exit 17B). Stay in the right lane. Go north (right) on Lyndale/Hennepin and north on Hennepin to N 17th Street.


Take the Dunwoody Blvd exit (Exit 8A). Go east (right) on Dunwoody Blvd to N 17th Street.


Public parking is available for a fee at the Walker Art Center, Dunwoody Institute, and other downtown area parking ramps. Free parking is available at the MCTC Ramp with the purchase of a VIP ticket. Present your VIP ticket at the gate when entering the parking ramp.